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"I was very pleased with my experience at New Orleans powersports the guys at the parts department very good and very nice and honest about everything question I have asked them I will recommend them it's worth the drive even though its further than I really wanted to drive"clifton danos | avondale, LA
"hi my name is Clifton I went to New oreans powersports to get a tire they were very helpful and honest about everything I asked I will definitely be going back and definitely would recommend for you to go to them for your bike"clifton danos | avondale, LA | ★★★★★
" Hope you guys killed it this month.FOLLOW UP WE SOLD THIS GENTLEMAN AND HE IS SUPER HAPPY"Frank Swarr | New Orleans, LA | ★★★★★
"My salesperson, Dustin, was very easy to talk to and helpful in answering all of my questions. Securing financing was also no hassle. The guys in the back with the Service Dept are simply awesome! They went above and beyond to take care of me and get my bike up and running. Special thanks to Paul, Geremie, Jeff, Robin, and Randolph - great group of guys back there!"Dustin Damron | Gretna, LA | ★★★★★
"Absolute amazing people at NOPS!! Took care of my dad and I without any hassels. Thanks to Ronnie, Service Manager, for helping us despite his constant running in and out, taking in boats, answering phone calls, let alone, helping my father and I out to his fullest extent. Thanks guys!"Anonymous | Covington, LA | ★★★★★
"Needed to purchase a helmet,googles & safety riding equipment for my son to ride on his ATV. Went in store first time to buy a helmet without son. Paul Balser told me to bring my son in to test fit the DOT HJC Helmet prior to purchase for saftey reasons. the second time I purchased a uniform with googles & Paul helped me with the fitting for my son we tried on 2 or 3 before finding the correct ones. That shows me this place is very profesional & just did not want to sell me something to make a buck. Went to a few other places & they acted like the fit was not a big deal & also you can not return a DOT helmet if it does not fit. If the place gets busy just have patience. I wanted to check out & Paul was busy with another customer after I came back from dressing room & Ron MCCarthy checked me out. Great place to shop with a variety of products, Staff is friendley & Safety conscious. Thanks for the service Paul & Ron & my son is happy as can be."Lonnie Griffin | Reserve, LA | ★★★★★
"October 9th RT5 UPDATE: LAMONT COMPARES THE SPYDER RT TO THE RSby SpyderTeam As some of you know my loaner RT is back at the factory getting some updates. This has given me a chance to ride my RS again and do a comparison of the two rides. I have a little over 2500 miles on the RT now, so I know it well enough to compare the two. I now have over 41,000 miles on my RS and have spent the last two years getting it just the way I like it. I've ran many day trips over 1100 miles and countless day trips over 600 miles. My Spyder is setup for fun and for touring. One of the first things I noticed when saddling the RS is the foot position. I've gotten use to where my feet are on the RT, and I got to tell you I wish I could figure out a good way to put my RS controls in the same place now. I'm sure I'll get use to it again but right now I feel a little jammed up in the stock position. The next thing I noticed right away was the heat. The RS has a lot of areas that create hot spots. Most of these are not bad unless you get stuck in traffic but they are there just the same. They really did a nice job at getting the heat away from the driver on the RT. One thing I would like to see on the RT is an adjustable handlebar. I have 4" risers on my RS and have them forward compared to the RT. I did get use to where the bars were on the RT but I still like mine better. I'm sure the aftermarket will address this in time. I have a CHAD windshield on my RS and it does a great job on the RS as far as wind protection. I got to say that the RT does a better job. You can tell that they must have spent some time in the wind tunnel on this because there are two little deflectors that are bolted to the top of the dash on the RT and I see no reason for them other than wind management. I think BRP nailed it on this one. Personally I would like to see a shorter shield but I know there will be those that will want a taller shield. I think they are going to offer 3 shield heights so that should pretty much cover it. When I first drove the RT I was a little twitchy on the throttle because it is now fly by wire. There are no throttle cables and the only resistance you feel is from a spring in the end of the bars. At first I suggested that they increase the tension so it was more like the RS but now I think they need to leave it as is. When I jumped back on my RS it felt like the throttle was hung up on something. Not having to use so much effort to turn the throttle is a big plus to me. I find that my wrist doesn't wear out near as quick on a long ride as it does on the RS. This was another move in the right direction for BRP. The handling on the RS is pretty good and feels very stable. Living here in East Tennessee, I get a chance to ride some of the most demanding roads in the country. I ride Deals Gap 3 to 5 times a month not to mention a lot more challenging roads in my area. I know most every turn on the roads I ride all the time by heart. I know how fast I can go and I know when the VSS is going to try and slow me down. I've found that the 3" wider footprint of the RT and the more forgiving VSS on the RT has allowed me to push the Spyder even faster through the turns. This was verified by my buddy Ron who has ridden behind me on his Spyder for thousands of miles. The RT out-performs my RS hands down in the twisties. I hope that future RS's will have the wider footprint and the tamed VSS. Now for the down side. The RT just doesn't have the same all encompassing cool factor that the RS has. On the way back from DC there were two occasions where I pulled in for a gas stop and there were a group of HD riders that never gave the RT a second look. I could have pulled up in a mini van and got the same reaction. Now I know they have never seen one before seeing there were only 5 of them on the road so what was the deal? I found the same reaction at some of the local spots I hangout at. Not to say that every biker looked at the RT the same but I know if I was on my RS it would have been a different story. I guess I know how the Goldwing guys must feel now. Don't get me wrong, the RT still draws a crowd most everywhere it goes, but it's a different crowd than what the RS draws. I'm not sure why that is but that is what I've experienced so far. Like I said it took me two years to get my RS where I like it and I don't see it going anywhere soon. I don't know what the future holds for the Spyder but I think the RT is a step in the right direction in many ways. It filled a need that will draw in a group of folks that were left out before the RT. You can make your RS a long haul touring machine for sure, I did. There are some areas that the RS will always fall short in and I think I've pointed those out from my experience. What would Lamonster build if he was working with BRP on the next generation of Spyders? I think they nailed it on the front end of the RT Spyder but I would like to see more of stylish back end, maybe top loading bags that looked more like the Corbin's and maybe a removable top trunk and passenger seat for those solo rides. This would give it the cool factor along with the long haul capabilities. Hey I can "Spyder Ryder | , XX
"We were in New Orleans visiting Oschner Clinic for my wife to have a liver biopsy. We were finished for the day at the clinic and happened to pass by your showroom. We came in just to look around. I have been looking on the Victory motorcycle website for several years but there isn't one around Mobile, Al. While at your showroom we met Louis Hilaire, he was so nice and for the time we were there he took our mind of our worries about my wife. Even though we didn't buy a motorcycle he took time to talk with us andI can promise when I do buy I will most likely come to New Orleans Power Sports and Louis to do so! Thank You, Willis Young Saraland, Al. willisyoung@bellsouth.net"Willis Young | Saraland, AL | ★★★★★
"The no pressure sales was top notch. Instead of pressuring me into a sale, they took the time to find out what I really wanted and I was offered a deal I couldn't pass up. I really liked the entire process of buying my bike from New Orleans Power Sports. I tell everyone how nice you were and when I'm ready for my next bike, I'll be back... Until then I'll see you at service time with my Suzuki Boulevard! Thanks!"David Taylor | Tickfaw, LA | ★★★★★